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Height: 5'3"
HW: 125
CW: 109
LW: 105
UGW: lean and healthy... I'll let ya know the number when I get there.

Dear Followers,

I’ve had lots of fun with this blog but will be deleting it soon. A new season of my life has started as well as new challenge.

I’ve moved to this wonderful place called Haiti where I have fallen in love with the people. But it’s a tough place. The “healthy eating” and “workout ideas” are frivolity to the people who are more concerned about surviving each day with or without food. It can be depressing sometimes.

I am working at an organization that has the potential to reach many people where they’re at, with what they need, for a lasting effect. I want to keep myself healthy so that I can do my best in this organization. I’ve started a new blog as a challenge to myself to actively keep myself healthy with 365 days of yoga.

I hope that in the course of keeping myself healthy and active I will be able to be an example to those around me about seeking after the joy in life and chasing it!

I don’t need followers. I need people who are willing to give a little advice or encouragement every once in a while. I need to find uplifting blogs that remind me that while I am surrounded by some sad scenes there is joy. I need to find educational blogs about how to keep myself healthy.

So if you think you’re blog has something I might find useful or if you’re ready to walk with me on this… follow my new blog or reblog this and help me get my fresh start.


and again heck yes
NOTE TO SELF: work on upside-down yoga… it looks awesome.
Bring on the motivation Tumblr.
This is good stuff guys.
Oh My Papaya

Doing some research on this fruit because it’s so common around here. And like every fruit it’s got some great qualities…

They are a source of antioxidant nutrients and minerals. The effect of these nutrients is that they help keep the cardiovascular system healthy and protect against colon cancer. That’s a paraphrase of only some of the benefits of papaya. Here’s a great article if you want to know more. Now, the question is… How to include more papaya our diet?

I’m begging you to read this…

“The girl you saw at the gym with the the great arms is unhappy about the mush on her butt. And the guy you see with with the great back is frustrated he can’t see his abs. And the girl with the strong legs is unhappy she can’t build her shoulders. And when all these people bend, lay down, or move, their skin squishes, crumples, creases, folds, and jiggles…. just like you. Because we’re all the same and there is no perfect.

What you think is your flaw, others think is beauty. What you think is perfect on someone, they see as their flaw. Stop comparing and stop thinking you’re less-than because of your shape. Work your goals, keep pushing, but don’t just look at what you don’t like about your body, give it some props for the things it’s done right.

*Beauty is relative to your blindness of flaws.*”

-Heather Frey

Just want to say hello to the new followers!

Feel free to ask, tell, complain, whatever to me… let’s do this together!